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Game-Changing Broadband Access

• Stunningly fast speeds

• Symmetrical upload and download

• No data caps or sharing

• No throttling

• No rate games

Bring High-Speed Internet Services To Your Door

>>Installations Take 90 days from your order date.<<

We are experiencing longer installation timelines than usual due to high demand and supply chain impacts during COVID-19.

Wave Rural Connect is bringing high-speed fiber internet service to homes and businesses in the River Valley of Arkansas and Oklahoma. Classroom connectivity for education, fast and secure transmission for healthcare, VOIP communications, and fiber TV are some of the top benefits of our service that is a potential plug for population drain from rural areas.

Other fiber providers stop at the curb, causing latency and diminished speeds that fall short of their promise. Wave Rural Connect will provide blazing-fast fiber internet services that connect directly into your home or business.

Wave Rural Connect is a subsidiary of Arkansas Valley Electric Cooperative. AVECC was founded in 1937 to bring electricity to the River Valley area. As one of 17 electric cooperatives in the state, they provide electricity to approximately 59,000 meters in ten Arkansas counties and three Oklahoma counties.

Here are some of the benefits of Fiber services to your home:

Ultra-High-Speed Internet. Fiber optics can handle more bandwidth than outdated copper wires allowing the fiber to carry more information at much greater speeds than your current internet providers.

Fiber optic connections can travel greater distances without boosting — making fiber optics the ideal choice for rural areas. Wave Rural Connect is bringing Fiber To The Home (FTTH). Unlike other providers who stop at the curb, we bring blazing-fast services directly into your home or business. 

Fiber Telephone. Experience crystal-clear calling with dramatically reduced noise and no delays. Get excellent bundled services like 3-way calling, remote voicemail, call waiting, Find me/Follow me, and unlimited local and long-distance calling. 

Fiber TV. Find packages to match your interests and budget. Whole-home DVR allows you to set and watch in any room. No lag when changing channels. A true UHD-capable service.